cannabisIf you need help to stop smoking cannabis our e-treatment 'helps to stop the craving or desire to smoke', so you find it much easier to stop smoking cannabis.*


Over the last 14 years we have helped over 5,000 smokers to quit smoking from our 14 UK locations in central London, Watford, Dorset, Colchester, Uxbridge, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Crewe, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Yorkshire, Wakefield, Durham and Inverness which are open 6 days a week.

The majority of our clients are just ordinary people concerned that they are smoking too much cannabis in the evenings or at weekends and want to stop.*

Difficult to Stop?
Most people find it difficult to stop smoking cannabis and recognise they need 'help' to be more successful.

Our e-treatment helps to 'stop the craving or desire to smoke', so you find it much easier to stop smoking and become smoke-free*

Works Quickly
Our e-treatment works quickly by using a specific e-signal to ' neutralise and detox the effects of cannabis'.

Once the feeling/craving for a cannabis (which most smokers get through taste or a feeling in the chest or stomach) has gone, it's much easier to break the habit and stop smoking as you can see from our client comments.

Statistically over the last 13 years most clients have only required one treatment session but some heavier smokers may require two treatment sessions to cancel any residual nicotine patters however the second treatment is free of charge within 30 days.

'this treatment is cutting edge, a lifeline for people who want to stop smoking..' W Barnes*

*We can help:

  • Neutralise Cannabis
  • Stops Cravings
  • No Withdrawals

Proven Results - 100% Genuine
We are the only treatment centre in the U.K. to have their client testimonials checked & verified by independent solicitors to prove they are 'real and genuine results'. Each letter, email, note or thank you card has been checked to verify the comments are real and accurate, no other treatment centre in the U.K. are able to provide this level of assurance. *

How it Works
Our e-treatments use advanced Informational Medicine which uses specific phase e-signals to help:

  • neutralise any substance (including cannabis)

By using our proven process it is possible to 'neutralise & erase' the effects of cannabis so it is no longer 'active' which then helps to stop the physical and/or mental urge, craving or desire to smoke.*

For example: the [+] e-signal of cannabis is already in the body, our equipment emits the equal and opposite [-] e-signal as opposing e-signal's 'neutralise or cancel each other out' it becomes much easier to stop smoking as the craving or desire to smoke has gone or is greatly diminished. *

We have taken a technique from applied physics which is also used by sound engineers to cancel unwanted background 'noise' and applied it to something more tangible. *

We can use the same simple process to cancel or neutralise unwanted 'substances' (cannabis) which are then expelled through the body's natural detox process.*

After treatment(s) the cannabis is no longer 'active' and so the craving or desire to smoke has gone or is greatly diminished and as you can see from our client feedback, each client agrees they then found it much easier to stop smoking.*

Treatment Process
The actual treatment process is simple, safe and painless, please click here to read more or click on the picture below.*

Each treatment process takes 1 hour, is very relaxing and more importantly, it is changing lives for the better.*

Our successful method uses physics and e-signals (Hz) instead of drugs or psychological interventions that seldom work.

*We can offers cannabis users the opportunity to stop using which is the hardest part in kicking the habit.

  1. Stop Smoking
  2. No Side-Effects
  3. Real Help

This treatment can be combined with the normal Stop Smoking treatment if the individual wants to stop smoking cigarettes & cannabis at the same time.*

The health benefits of stopping smoking are well known. The cost of treatment is quickly recouped when you are no longer buying cannabis & tobacco.


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Verified Testimonials


'‘I left your London office at 6pm on Friday. If I was going to break, it was coping with rush hour traffic and didn't even search for a fag. I've smoked for 43 yrs and puffed cannabis for 26 years, whatever is making me feel like this, I never want it to stop'. Terri

'My name is Benjamin I am twenty seven years old and have smoked cannabis for nearly eleven years. It was a big part of my life and social life. My work colleagues smoked and my friends too. Because of my work colleagues smoking it, I thought I would never be able to stop but I have. This is my fourth week not smoking and to be honest it is easier then what I thought. The treatment was and is the best treatment for me. You need to be in the right frame of mind to stop and if you are this treatment makes it so easy to achieve and I will never look back. Thanks to all the staff'. Benjamin S *

"I have been using cannabis for over 20 years and I have tried to stop many times but failed due to the cravings of the tobacco and weed combination. After the treatment I have not even craved it anymore, I feel so much better and I am looking forward to having an enjoyable drug free life. Thank god for this treatment". M.P. *

"Thanks to this treatment myself and my wife don't smoke cannabis anymore, I have been smoking it for over 15 years and tried everything to stop and was tired of been stoned all the time. I tried zyban but it didn't work, patches and gum, nothing was going to make me stop until now. We drove over 5 hours to get this treatment and its well worth it, now we can live a normal life and save money, thanks". Paul Smith *

"I use to smoke about £40.00 worth of cannabis a day, but after this treatment I don't want any" P Preston

"I've been smoking weed for more years than care to remember plus about 25 cigarettes a day and thought it was time to do something about cleaning up my act. The treatment worked for me and I haven't smoked for over 3 months now". KD *

"This treatment is well worth the money, stopped smoking straight away, no fuss or cravings, go for it". Clive Thompson *

"Having smoked the dreaded weed for over 8 years I wanted to stop for health reasons and this treatment worked a treat. If you have have enough of smoking this treatment really works".
K Scott *

Many of the clients treated for cannabis use wished to remain confidential.

Cannabis the Facts

Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in Britain. Made from parts of the cannabis plant, it's a naturally occurring drug. It is a mild sedative (often causing a chilled out feeling or actual sleepiness) and it's also a mild hallucinogen (meaning you may experience a state where you see objects and reality in a distorted way and may even hallucinate). The main active compound in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

There is some psychological dependence with cannabis (where there is a desire to keep taking the drug even in spite of possible harms) and this occurs in about 10% of users. There are no physical withdrawal symptoms from cannabis use.

If you've only been using for a short while there should be no problem stopping but with continued regular use of cannabis, this can become more difficult. You're also at risk of getting addicted to nicotine if you roll your spliffs with tobacco.

There's also increasing evidence of a link between cannabis and mental health problems such as schizophrenia. If you've a history of mental health problems, depression or are experiencing paranoia, then taking this drug is not a good idea. Regular, heavy use makes it difficult to learn and concentrate. Some people begin to feel tired all the time and can't seem to get motivated. Our treatment allows clients to overcome these problems and stop using cannabis in either one or two treatment sessions.