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We specialise in advanced treatments which are a high-tech solution to help people stop smoking and are not available elsewhere.

Our treatment works by using subtle phase kHz-signals to cancel and neutralise the effects of any substance (nicotine, cannabis etc) to help:

  • reduce physical dependency

When the physical urge or craving has ‘gone or is greatly diminished’ it is much easier to stop smoking.*

Advanced Detox Method
This pioneering & highly successful e-treatment has been used in the UK for over 12 years and in that time, more than 9,000 people have benefited from our range of treatments.

Pharmaceutical Limitations
Medication (chemistry) targets cells to evoke change in the patients' condition however most people don't know that over 90% of all drugs only work for 30% to 50% of the patients who take them due to their 'genes which interfere in some way with the medicine'.

E-signals do not rely on genetics as they target a specific 'substance' rather than an individual's cells and so produce much higher response rates.

Similar to how a radio picks up a frequency broadcast from hundreds of miles away, the body picks up the specialist treatment e-signals produced by our unique treatment formulas.

Unique Formula
There are 285,000 e-signal patterns available, the correct patterns which help correct imbalances and detoxify the body of nicotine have been painstakingly selected and assembled in the correct sequence to neutralise/cancel the effects of any substance(s).

After treatment(s), it's as though the body has not had the substance and so does not crave/need it anymore.

Cigarettes - Stop Smoking
We correctly analyse your brand of cigarettes to identify their frequency range. This information is then processed and added to our formula.

This process means that the positive e-signal of nicotine in the body is cancelled out by the constructed patterns produced by our treatment formula.

This helps to stop the craving or desire to smoke as the nicotine is neutralised and the body begins to detoxify/erase naturally.

Questions & Answers
Click here for some common questions and answers.


Our treatment helps to stop the craving or desire to smoke so you find it much easier to stop and break the habit. 

Our treatment method works by using two scientific principles:

  1. Every substance has a specific energy signature (e-signal) (Hz & kHz)
  2. Opposing signal's neutralise and cancel each other out

Destructive Interference
We use precise patterns which neutralise the effects of a substance using a process known as destructive interference. The frequency range of nicotine or cannabis can be measured, processed and delivered back to the individual to remove/neutralise that substance.

Cancellation occurs when two waves of the same wavelength (e-signal) cancel each other out (A+B) this effect is also widely used by sound engineers to cancel unwanted background noise.

For example: Any addictive substance has a specific e-signal, which is represented by the wave below:


By correctly analysing a substance and applying our formula, we can create a wave, which is 180° out of phase. When these e-signals are run together, what happens?


The answer is CANCELLATION of the original substance, as each wave cancels the other out, as a result the body requires less or no substance(s) each day.

Sound engineers also use this process to cancel unwanted background noise, the effect of combining two waves that are out of phase with each other. Since the waves are not in phase, the crests and troughs will not match up, if the wavelengths are completely 180° out of phase, there will be no sound. We use this basic principle combined with our unique formula to remove the unwanted patterns of nicotine or cannabis. More recently the technology was applied to a dentists drill to reduce noise. 

What happens during the treatment?
Clients simply sit back and relax during the treatment process which takes one hour.

Please click on the pictures below to see the treatment process, which is safe & painless.


How can this help me?
We can help stop your physical dependency for nicotine or cannabis and depending on how much you smoke will determine how many treatment sessions are required. Click here to read how this treatment has helped our clients.

We can help stop the craving and desire to smoke so you find it much easier to stop smoking as per the client feedback.