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We have more verified client feedback than any other stop smoking method in the U.K.

It is easy to see that we have the best client feedback to stop smoking or stop smoking cannabis.


Over the last 14 years we have *received more comprehensive client feedback than ANY other treatment centre in the U.K. as they are all using the same 'out-dated talking or drug therapies' which don't work for most people or most of the time, making our treatment method the natural and logical choice when you need help to:

  • stop smoking
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We have set a new standard in helping people to break their habits and regain control. We remain the only treatment center to have their client testimonials independently checked by 2 law firms to prove they are 'real and genuine'.


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‘I have struggled to give up smoking for years, I have stopped from time to time and sometimes for long periods but one thing that never stopped, the urge and the craving. Well “1 hour” is all I can say....I spent 1 hour on this treatment and I have not had a single cigarette craving ever since and I am not some overly enthusiastic hopeful person that has just finished the treatment. I had this treatment 6 months ago!! I have been through Christmas and new year, the after coffee moment, the after dinner moment, the down the pub with friends moment and the stress moment.... you name it I have been through it, every trigger there is and not a single craving, not one, If you want to quit smoking then do it, and do it using this treatment, good luck!'*.  SP 

'I am a very happy non-smoker for 7 years now, thanks to your treatment. You changed my life. Very contented previous customer. Many thanks. L West*

‘I left your London office at 6pm on Friday. If I was going to break, it was coping with rush hour traffic and didn't even search for a fag. I've smoked for 43 yrs and puffed cannabis for 26 years, whatever is making me feel like this, I never want it to stop'. Terri*

'It's now coming up to 3½ years since I visited the London clinic to stop smoking. Very wary and sceptical at first but I was utterly amazed to leave there with my cravings absolutely gone. I'd smoked on average 15-20 per day for around 40 years so this was truly something momentous in my life. I'd like to thank all the crew at the stop smoking center. I have referred many people since 2012 and will continue to do so, and look forward to celebrating 4 smoke free years on 20th April, 2016'. David Pickles*

‘I came from Essex to your clinic in Manchester on the 4th January 2006. I was very sceptical but I made sure that Christmas and New Year were out of the way before coming and sat in a pub round the corner smoking as many cigarettes as I possibly could. I started smoking aged 12 years and I was then 60 years and had tried everything from hypnosis to patches to filters without success. The weirdest thing happened – I walked out of your clinic and have not touched a cigarette since or even desired one and it will soon be 10 years. A couple of friends came to your London clinic last year, one of them being a 40 a day girl and neither of them has smoked since. Incredible. I recommend you highly. Regards’. Kay Morgan*

'I was treated in your London office in 2007 and have never smoked since. That's 7 years now and I had tried everything. It worked for me'. Guy List *

'I used you 4 years ago and have stopped smoking ever since'. Jamie H*

'My wife and I came 6 years ago to stop smoking. Since then neither one of us has touched a cigarette or had a craving to do so. Prior to the treatment I had tried to stop smoking using patches and gum but had failed. This treatment changed our lives, the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner. The treatment made it easy as there was no craving at all to smoke'. Paul O.*

'I was 14 when I began to smoke. 48 years later and was approaching 40 cigarettes a day. I attended the stop smoking treatment in August 2010 and haven't smoked since. I have now stopped. This is entirely due to your treatment. Many Thanks'. Mike B*

'I attended the clinic for stop smoking treatment in October 2010, I found the staff very helpful and friendly and the process very relaxing. After treatment I found my cravings for nicotine had completely gone, I didn't need or desire a cigarette, I instantly felt cleaner and healthier and proud to call myself a non-smoker. Now over 3 years later I still boast the 'non-smoker' title. I would recommend this treatment to anyone, well worth the money!. Paula Lewis*

'I thought I would let you know I have not had a cigarette since my treatment, :o) and all is going well. So thank you very much for the treatment!!!’. Lee*

“I received the treatment one month ago and I have not touched a cigarette since nor have I felt any cravings. In addition, I HAVE NOT PUT ANY WEIGHT ON during this period (in fact I lost some!). This treatment is really effective and keeping off cigarettes is almost effortless. Thank you”. Regina W.*

'Well, here we are! Did I ever think I would write this? No, I didn't. But I did promise faithfully to keep everyone in touch with my progress. I posted after 6 weeks of not smoking, and after 6 months, and here is the milestone. Today is ONE YEAR without a cigarette! Sure, there have been fleeting moments when a ciggy would have been almost eaten. But, the body just does not want to. So, once again, many many thanks. A year without is now going to be a lifetime without. I won't bore you all anymore until 2014. Then it will be 2 years. And counting! David Pickles*

'I had treatment from you 5 years ago and have still not smoked' N Davison*

‘I visited your office in Manchester on the 24th September 2011, like some people I was sceptical of what I was about to do!!! However I sat in the chair wired up to the machine for an hour reading the paper whilst my hubby waited outside (and can I say really needing a cig at this point) after the hour that was it done ....mmm how did I feel? Well actually, I went in really needing nicotine and come out, I won’t say I couldn’t have had one I could but my craving wasn’t as intense as what it was when I went in. I had tried patches etc - I was 38 and had been smoking since I was 14 and at least 20 a day ... My hubby said ‘how you feeling? I said ‘okay’, ‘do you need a cig? I said ‘No don’t feel like I need one’. Since that day I have not gone near a cig and hate the smell of it now, honestly this treatment worked and I cannot praise it enough even now when I’m feeling stressed still don’t need a cig where before I would have smoked 20 - ABSOLUTEY BEST THING I EVER DID JUST WISH I’D HAVE DONE IT YEARS AGO ... GO FOR IT & GOOD LUCK IF I CAN DO IT ANYONE CAN :)’ Michelle P*

I smoked for 18 years but have stopped for 18 months and have no intention of starting again. I know the treatment works - you need to spread the message'. Jamie H*

'I received my treatment over 4 years ago and have not smoked since. More importantly I feel as though I have never smoked even though I was on 30 a day. It simply does not occur to me that I want or need a cigarette. I will also say I have had no problem been in the presence of other smokers. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone serious about quitting'. Mr Belheim*

'I was smoking 8 to 10 a day, had first session which stopped the cravings immediately. On a night out three weeks later without smoking I had 3 to 4 puffs but didn't start smoking, here for a top-up just in case four weeks later. If you want to give up the treatment does help'. J Sand*

'Just an email to say thank you to you. I have quit smoking. Since the treatment 3 weeks ago I have not touched a cigarette and intent never to touch a cigarette again!!! I have passed your details to a couple of friends who I think will benefit from it. Thanks'. Yasar Z*

'Just a quick email to let you know that I have not smoked now for a whole week which is a very good achievement for me. Thanks for your support, I will up date you in a couple of months. Kind regards'. Samantha G*

'I am 50 years old and have been smoking non-stop for 40 years. I have not had a cigarette for 4 weeks. I feel so much better, no more coughing up and I can breathe much better. I now hate the smell of people who smoke as I can smell much better. I do get the odd urge for a fag but mostly it's in the mind. Believe me this therapy really works and I would highly recommend it'. Chris Lynch*

‘Hello. I came to see you on June 20th, 2013. I was desperate to get help to stop smoking. I had been a smoker for 24 years at 20-30 per day and had been recently diagnosed with early stages of cancer - I knew I had to quit but needed help. Since the day I saw you and received treatment I have not had a single puff or real desire to have a cigarette. Now and again I have had a slight urge but then I think of the a cigarette and the thought of it makes me feel sick. I became totally disinterested in smoking after your treatment and had no strong cravings. Other people smoking doesn't bother me at all either. I can be around friends or colleagues who smoke and I still have no desire to have a cigarette. It does boil down to one's personal choice to not smoke but your treatment somehow makes that choice the non-smoking one. Thankyou so much for your treatment. It has changed my life! Anyone who wants to stop smoking and needs help, book for this treatment. It really does work. I don't know how they take the cravings and urge away but it works the minute you walk out of their treatment centre. Again, thankyou’. S.B.*

'Well, here we are as promised. I came to the centre on 20th April 2012 and immediately ceased my 20 per day habit that started as a 14 year old in 1969. I posted after 6 weeks and said that if I still hadn't smoked after 6 months, I would post again. Guess what? I haven't smoked for 6 months from today. Strangely enough, I still get the odd urge to have a fag but within 2-3 seconds the craving has gone and then I go probably the rest of the day without thinking of them. All in all, I'm looking forward to Apr 20 2013 to come back here and pronounce that it's been a whole year since I partook of the weed, and have no wish or desire to take it up ever again. Thank you to all who have helped to give me a different start in life'. David P*

'After having smoked for 30+ years and never wanting to stop during that time in March 2012 I decided to stop. I researched numerous avenues for stopping and chose this treatment. Four weeks later I haven't had or wanted to smoke. There have been no cravings and I feel positive that I won't ever smoke again. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone looking to quit'. Jayne Hopkinson*

'My name is Benjamin I am twenty seven years old and have smoked cannabis for nearly eleven years. It was a big part of my life and social life. My work colleagues smoked and my friends too. Because of my work colleagues smoking it, I thought I would never be able to stop but I have. This is my fourth week not smoking and to be honest it is easier then what I thought. The treatment was and is the best treatment for me. You need to be in the right frame of mind to stop and if you are this treatment makes it so easy to achieve and I will never look back. Thanks to all the staff'. Benjamin S*

'It has been 6 months since I last had a cigarette. I use to smoke 25 average daily and a hardened smoker. It was on my mind to smoke morning, noon and night, in work, holiday, going out always timing when to smoke to keep my nicotine levels up. My cousin had this therapy and gave up so thought nothing to lose, everything to gain. Sat for an hours treatment and have not craved a cigarette since. My family and friends were stunned. My daughter was so shocked having never known me not to smoke, she asked for the therapy herself for her birthday. She has been smoke free for 3 months. Maria Vaughan*

‘OK on the 17th October 2009 I came all the way to Manchester for treatment & it worked. I still don’t smoke nor want to. I haven't gained weight either which is what scares a lot of people who want to stop. Give this treatment a go it will SAVE your life’. Derek Swan*

'After trying other treatments patches, hypnotherapy etc with no luck, I thought I would try this detox treatment since I smoked up to 60 cigs a day and after the 1st treatment I never had any cravings. Amazing'. Andy Smith*

'It is now a whole year since I came to see you and Yes I am still not smoking. The time has really flown by. Thank You'. Linda*

‘Hi, sorry I haven't been in touch for a few months (5 actually) this was due to a couple reasons. Firstly I lost your email and second I wanted to see if it really worked. You'll be pleased to know I haven't smoked a cigarette during this time and I feel great. Nothing as worked before so I find it a little bizarre if I'm honest. I've probably saved in the region of £1000 so far all thanks to your treatment. Anyway, thanks for your help'. Nick D*

‘I attended the Manchester clinic 2 weeks ago and haven't smoked since. I have been a smoker for 45yrs I was really hooked on fags. Please if you have tried like me and failed many times this is the best thing I have done. The Manchester clinic was fantastic, thank you once again'. Rita Lawson*

'After smoking for 38yrs I thought it would be impossible to give up. Patches, gum, substitute cigarettes all failed. After finding out about this treatment, I had it done on 12 Nov 2010 and apart from the first two or three days of slightly missing something - I SMOKE NO MORE. Brilliant!! thank you all at the clinic and for the treatment. This really does work'. Rick Szarowicz*

'I had treatment from you 5 years ago and have still not smoked' N Davison*

'I used your clinic and stopped smoking last March 2010 and I'm still a non-smoker thanks'. Paul D*

'Had my treatment in March 2011 and haven't had a cigarette since. I have been amazed how easy it has been having smoked for 40 years and tried many times to stop without success. No cravings or withdrawals symptoms. Great'. Pauline S*

'This has been a truly remarkable achievement I haven't smoked for a month now. Tried everything under the sun to stop which over the years has cost me a lot of money. I live in the north east of England so the closest clinic is Manchester. On the morning of my appointment I nearly didn't go what a mistake that would have been, this treatment is cutting edge, a lifeline for people who want to stop smoking, it's quick and you feel no pain. I smoked for thirty years and never thought I would give up but now I consider myself as a non-smoker. My house, my clothes do not smell of smoke anymore its great. The best money I have ever spent, cheers'. W Barnes*

'I had my treatment 4 weeks ago on Tuesday and not touched a cigarette since. I was really sceptical especially having no will power and having smoked for 23 years. I've had absolutely no cravings it was just the mind and the habit to break and if I can do it anyone so grateful...and love being a non-smoker'. Sharon Lynch*

‘I posted when I stopped for 6 weeks and promised to post every 6 weeks up till 6 months, when it would have been the longest I ever stopped in 43 years of being addicted to Nick "o" teen, but sadly I couldn't wait. So here it is folks – stopped for 11 weeks now and no desire to start again even with two teenage monster daughters! Give it a try if you want to stop, almost guaranteed'. David P*

Update: 'It's been three months this very day since I had the treatment and never smoked since. Three months was my mile stone, I thought if I could go three months without smoking then I could class myself as a true none smoker. To give up an addiction is not easy but I have done it thanks to the staff at the Manchester clinic. Thanks for everything'. W Barnes*

‘I've still not touched a cigarette since I came to you which I think was two years ago last November. Can't thank you enough'. Jacquie C*

‘It's now a month and after being slightly sceptical the result speaks for itself because I have been nicotine free since the treatment (I was a smoker for 35+ years). The treatment itself is very relaxed, just put my feet up and read the paper. Actually could feel and taste the toxins coming out of me during the treatment and this made me feel confident from the moment I left the treatment room. You've got to be ready to do it, but if you are then I would very highly recommend this treatment'. Chris Webb*

‘Went to Manchester clinic for smoking treatment on Jan 4th this year having had my last Malboro Light the night before. Had the treatment at 1pm and have not smoked since! I was a heavy smoker for over 30 years and did not think that I would be able quit straight away. This treatment stops the craving. You still have to manage your 'mind' but it's worth it! '. Mr W.D.*

‘This is a letter I never thought I would write. I had been smoking since the age of 14 in 1969. During that time I made various unsuccessful attempts to quit, most half-hearted. I did manage to stop for 6 months in 2005 using patches and a regular visit to my local surgery nurse. I relapsed however not long after my mother passed away. Thanks to this centre, this time I have stopped for 6 weeks, BUT this is different. There are no cravings and no urges. Sometimes there is the merest thought of having a ciggie with a drink or after dinner, but although the thought may be there, the desire is not. For the first time in my life I feel that this really is the time that I will, at last, be free of the habit. I will update every 6 weeks, and once I make it to the end of October 2012 that will be the longest time I have ever quit smoking since I started. I know this time, I will do it and recommend this treatment to every single smoker reading this'. David P*

'I had treatment from yourself in London in 2008 which was very successful and have never smoked since I have since recommended you to others all with similar success. My boyfriend is now also ready to stop smoking and would like to book an appointment in January 2011'. Sally H*

'It's nearly 5 months since my last cigarette. Your two treatments made it so easy. After 50 a day, I am now a non-smoker. My family can hardly believe it. They always said that I would ask for a last cig when I take my last breaths. Well, thanks to your clinic, I proved them wrong, Lol. I do tell so many people who moan that they want to stop smoking, but can't. So I tell them all to go to your clinic. A lot of them say they will go, so here is hoping. NHS smoking cessation is useless & doesn't work. Thanks again'. Agnes Nicolay*

'I was treated about 3 years ago and I have never had a cigarette since. I know about 20 other people [at work] who have used this treatment who it has also worked for. I would definitely recommend the treatment, it worked for me and I was smoking 15+ cigarettes a day, had tried everything and nothing else worked'. Gillian Walsh*

'I'm very pleased that I have not smoked since treatment 6 months ago. It's been very easy and I've tried all other treatments to give up before without success. I've also had the treatment for cocaine which was also successful'. Mr S Scott.*

'I would like to send a big thank you, I came for one session August 2008 and I have not had another cigarette. I am so happy and well worth every penny.' Andrea H*

‘Hi it's Carrol, I am just filling you in. It's months since I last let you know how I am getting on. I am now coming up to my first Y.E.A.R OF NOT SMOKING. WOW can't believe it, I do still think of smoking sometimes but as fast as I think of smoking It just goes out of my head. We find it hard to think back to when I was smoking. When I first done this program I did it for ME then my family. I was glad to make a dream come true for my grand daughter Lauren she wished for me to give up smoking you made her wish come true. Thank you so very much'. Carrol W*

"My husband and I came for treatment to stop smoking 2 years, 2 months ago. The treatment worked instantly, neither of us have smoked since, the thought of having a cigarette never enters our minds, even socially when out drinking with friends that still smoke. We both have not been tempted. My husband Paul is now back at the clinic today for treatment to stop drinking". Mr & Mrs Oglesby*

'I attended the clinic and had the treatment to stop smoking 3 years ago. I was smoking 30 a day and after 1 session I have not smoked since. When I left the session I thought I would smoke but I didn't. I have had no craving for nicotine, I just had to break the habit of picking up cigarettes. This really does work, I am back with my wife and she is now having the same treatment'. John Sinclair*

'It's been 13 days and me and my mum are doing very well. I can't thank you enough for giving us this opportunity. We do have days better than others but that dose pass after a few minutes! We have not touched a cig since visiting your clinic we are very proud of ourselves and one another, its just a pity use don't have a clinic over in Scotland it would be very busy! We will write to you regularly through the next year, thanks for everything!'. Nadia & Carol x*

Hi, came to your clinic in Manchester on 6th May 2010 . Was a 50 a day chain smoker. Couldn't live without my cigs. I left your clinic after the most comfy hour treatment. I went from 50 cigs a day to 10 the first few days, so I went back for a FREE top-up on 14th May 2010 . After the 2nd treatment, I left the clinic with no cravings or withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. Just didn't want a cigarette. A small thought enters now and then that I may fancy one, but in a second that is gone. I tried all sorts of things in the past to stop smoking, without success. After my top up I had no urges at all for a cig. In fact, I feel as if I never smoked. I am 68 now and already feel the difference in my breathing. Have not smoked now for 5 weeks and everyone who knows me can hardly believe it. Some family members already said they are coming for treatments & I am telling everyone I meet about the treatment at your clinic. I wish I heard about your clinic when it first opened. I am spreading the word as I want others to get free from this horrible addiction. Thank you and I will keep you updated in 6 months again. From grateful non-smoker'. Mrs A.N.*

"I was on 60 cigarettes a day for approx 30 years. I had tried cutting down, nicotine replacement therapy, hypnotherapy etc. but none of these worked. I came to the clinic and had 1 treatment, although I didn't immediately stop, it cut me down to 15 a day. I had a free 2nd session and haven't smoked since and have no more desire to smoke. It has saved me about £320.00 a month and I now feel a lot healthier. I haven't smoked for nearly 2 years, I've saved over £7,680.00 and I know I will never smoke again". Simon Rowe*

'I have been a smoker since teens so for over 40 years I have tried on occasions to pack up but have always failed. Due to some health issues I was determined that I needed to quit smoking for good. I found the clinic on the internet and for several weeks I ummd and arhed thinking it sounded too good to be true. I plucked up the courage and the hardest part of it all so far was having to walk up to the 2nd floor!! in London. This is now my 17th day I have not craved cigarettes at all and only missed them through habit when I perhaps would have had a cigarette at a certain time. But no craving or problems at all, my husband still smokes and even that hasn't bothered me like it has when I have tried to give up in the past. Thank you for my new way of life'. Linda C*

"I loved smoking, first one in the morning till the last one at night....I was a true smoker. Even when my mother died of lung cancer 2 years ago....I could still not give up, as much as I tried. I promised her I would not smoke any more, but I tried everything and still could not stop. I knew it would kill me just like my Mum, at an early age. I visited the the clinic 2 weeks ago and have not smoked a cigarette since, nor have I wanted one. It is truly remarkable. If I can do it, anyone can. It really was so easy. Now I am free!". Frances O - Further comments: “Well its been 6 months now since I visited your clinic and still NO CIGS!!!!! It is really amazing and I want to tell everyone this really, really works. I feel amazing!".Frances O*

"Hi done the stop smoking 1 year ago, fantastic, now I want to do the drinking".GS*

“In April 2006 I found out I was expecting my first baby, I always thought I would be able to stop smoking once I got pregnant but the best I could do was 4 smokes a day. So after a few days I found the clinic online…my husband came with me for support. Once I started the treatment I knew it was working. I did have to come back for a second time but I was a heavy smoker. The top and bottom of it is, this year I've been a non-smoker for 4 YEARS and I've never ever felt the need to smoke again. This was the best thing I ever did and the best money I ever spent and thought it was about time I said thank you. P.S. I had a healthy 8lb 10oz baby girl and last year ran a half marathon in 2 hours 18min, I couldn't even walk up a flight a stairs before without coughing my guts ups.... Please if you want to stop smoking, this works”. Kelly G*

" It's now 3 weeks and not even looked at a cigarette. Thanks for everything really pleased!". Paul D*

"I had tried it all, patches, fake cig, hypnotism, alan carr, cold turkey...I didn't think anything would work. I smoked for almost 30 yrs, a proper smoker, 1st thing in the morning. I have stopped smoking for 2 yrs now. I can't thank you enough. You have changed my life. It was easy, I just didn't have that 'itch' to smoke anymore. I was worried about the cravings but they never came. Thank you". Lila West*

"I came to the clinic all the way from the Isle of Bute and the treatment is amazing. After the session I didn't want to smoke, no cravings at all. I have tried everything before this & nothing worked. I have also emailed several Scottish/English government officials regarding this & will continue to do so until they do something & use this technique. This treatment is the real deal & should be available to everyone who has an addiction because it WORKS. Thank you& my wife says thank you as well for saving my life. God Bless”. Derek Swan*

“I did the stop smoking treatment 1 March 2009 (9 months ago) and haven't fancied a fag since, I still go pub and party around smokers and doesn't bother me at all! Thanks and if you want to stop this is the way, I failed with all the other NHS alternatives”. Gys Strauss*

"I attended the Manchester clinic a few weeks ago and haven't smoked since. I am so relieved to be a non-smoker at last after smoking for at least 20 years and have struggled to give up for longer than I care to remember. I would recommend this treatment to anyone and have sung it's praises over the last few weeks". Alison Raymond*

"It has been three weeks tomorrow since my visit to the clinic, so I thought I'd let you have an update on progress. Despite my fears when I left the clinic, that I would soon be smoking again, I have resisted any temptation and now regard myself as a non-smoker. It's been nice looking at ways to spend my newly gained £150 a month. Feeling quite proud of myself but also annoyed that I've waited 48 years to try and give up the habit. Many thanks". Steve B*

“Hi, I came in on the 2nd September for a stop smoking appointment. I must admit I was a little sceptical at first however I have tried every other way of giving up smoking and it hadn't worked so there didn't seem any point in not trying this. First of all I found the gentleman very helpful as I did have some question and he managed to answer them well. Moving on to the treatment, I found this quite relaxing and nearly nodded off a couple of times. There was no pain or uncomfortableness. After the hour was up he then went through the aftercare with me. During the session I gradually felt less of a craving as the time went on, this continued to the end. In the following two weeks I have not had any cravings for a cigarette at all. In my opinion the therapy is excellent in my case it did not really require me to do anything at all other than be there. It sounds too good to be true but believe me, I smoked 20-30 per day 7 days a week for 15 years and lived for cigarettes, one 1hr session and now I don't. Thanks again for your help”. Lee Gleeson*

"Had the stop smoking treatment in October 07, never had anything but a fleeting thought about smoking again, no craving, even in the company of other smokers or in the pub. Had no desire to smoke and have not smoked since. I'm back again to do the stop drinking treatment as well". Paul S*

“To say I was skeptical about this treatment would be an understatement BUT it worked! I went to London 3 weeks ago and I haven't had a cigarette since. I'm so pleased that I'm telling everyone about it! I used to smoke 20 a day for 20 years and I found that even the habit disappeared as well as the cravings. I would recommend this treatment in a heartbeat I say, Just go for it!!”. Elizabeth Webb*

“Just to let you know it has been 9 whole days of not smoking feeling so much better, have been back to the doctors done a peak flow meter got 400 now, last time 180. Thanks so much, I will keep in touch”. Update: I have now not smoked now for 5 weeks, I feel so good I can breath and feel better and I am coping with my first cold as a none smoker and it's not bad. I have told so many people and even my doctor and he is looking into it. I have just changed my doctors, on the form it asked if I was a smoker it was nice to say NO, Thanks. Carrol a none smoker. Carrol W*

“Hi I would just like to thank you for helping me give up what I thought was a bad habit and I had no will power to get rid of. After 25 yrs of smoking as a chef, I am so proud to be a non smoker, my friends and employees can't believe it. Thanks, I have no cravings, no mood changes at all. Your non smoker”. Ruth Hurren*

"4 weeks today still no cravings or desire to smoke, thanks for your help. Have recommended friends to use this method. Thank you". Charlie T*

"I attended your clinic almost 1 year ago for the no smoking treatment which I'm glad to say worked and I'm still not smoking, so thank you". Mr Kevin D.*

“I visited your clinic in London nearly 2 years ago to stop smoking. I was successful. I would like my husband to see you to stop drinking”. Mrs G A*

"I had the treatment 3 years ago at the clinic in Manchester and I'm here today with a friend of mine. The treatment really took away the craving to smoke which would normally have me reaching for a cigarette every time I had tried to give up before. This treatment really does work." Pamela Johnson*

“The great news is I have not had a cigarette since my treatment on the 7th May. I had been a smoker for almost 25 years and have tried everything, from nicotine replacement to hypnosis and nothing had worked. To be honest I decided to try your treatment out of pure curiosity never really believing it would work. Well it does work. I admit I think it's strange and find it difficult to explain to friends but you guys have made me a believer! I am now a huge fan of your treatments and will definitely recommend you to friends, all the best!". Kirsten G*

"I had the treatment four months ago I haven't had a cigarette since. I would highly recommend this treatment if you want to quit". Ms D.S.*

“Yes it works! If I can be cured from the curse of smoking - anyone can. I smoked 30 plus a day for 30 years. I never ever wanted to or have tried to give up in the past. I took up exercising but coughing with a tight chest and wheezing afterwards was defeating the object. The clinic is a complete miracle, no side effect, no wall climbing cravings, 100 percent effective, should be available on the NHS. 100% praise all round”. C Bennett*

“Well I'm emailing to tell you that I came to you on 15th January 2008 as a mad 30-a-day smoker - I literally had tried everything, patches, herbal patches and pills, will power, Alan Carr's Easyway and nothing worked. I came to you in January 08 and haven't had a cigarette since then, 2pm on 15th January 08. I am so proud of myself but with your help it was sort of easy if I'm honest. I felt quite strange leaving the clinic knowing you've just paid to stop smoking but when I walked past anyone puffing on a fag I felt compelled to avoid breathing it in and have avoided it ever since. You are worth every penny. Look at me, a non-smoker, who has got her self-respect back, no longer a slave to a drug (other than caffeine!) but then, I'm allowed one vice aren't I. You are exceptional and I rate you highly. I promised I'd tell you how I got on, well here I am a lot healthier and bright and bushy tailed. I feel so much better it's so easy once it's out of your system and you realise smoking does absolutely nothing for you. It's all an illusion. Thank you, thank you, thank you”. Clare L.*

"I was a 20 a day man for 35 years and have given up for 10 weeks now. I was cynical but knew that cold turkey with my stressful lifestyle was not going to work. When I had done my hour treatment I felt no inclination to light up, no stressing out etc and only the very occasional thought about a cigarette which passed very quickly. Also I have no issues about being around others who are smoking - I don't feel the need to join in. REALLY do try it, if it worked for me it will work for you". Guy.*

"Well it's been 1yr on the 24th Sept and I really have done it. I've been a smoker for 40 yrs. I started to have problems with my breathing always getting chest infections so decided I had to do something about it, I really didn't want to, as I enjoyed smoking. So after a lot of thought I went to the clinic and haven't regretted it at all. I feel so good about myself now so if you are considering the best way to give up just try this clinic and will power. Thank you so much. Good luck to you all'. Christine C*

“I had the treatment nearly 2 weeks now, not wanted to smoke or had any cravings to smoke its been that easy, thanks again”. John S*

“I came to your clinic 15th November 2007 and I'll never forget that day. One hour of my life and the most amazing result. I've not touched a cigarette since or even been tempted. I can honestly say I cannot remember what it was like to smoke and I smoked for 25 yrs. It's amazing how easy it is. The only willpower you need is to actually pick a day to stop and make an appointment and believe. The rest is easy. This was the best money I have ever spent and a far more believable and better long term result than using patches. Get rid of the nicotine and remove the craving”. Steph O.*

"Well it is 2 weeks since the treatment and I have not felt any urge to smoke. It's a very well respected miracle and I am grateful for the service and treatment you provided. Very best wishes”. Marc Wells*

"Not smoked since coming to see you and so glad I did as I couldn't afford to keep smoking! Feeling better and fitter but also so much better off financially as well which was my main motivation for stopping, I just couldn't afford to keep smoking. Thanks for your help". P Haines*

"I was referred by a friend, as I had no willpower to do this on my own. The treatment works, I would recommend this to anyone, I have become a "really annoying non-smoker"!". Debbie Scrivener*

“I knew as soon as I left the Clinic that I wouldn't smoke again, but felt it best to wait three months before writing to you. I cannot thank you enough. You have changed my life. I no longer smoke AND (the one thing that always made me go back to smoking) I haven't put on ANY weight. It is a miracle and the best money I have ever spent. At last I have no urge to smoke and am a non-smoker thanks to you. Please feel free to print this and use it as a testimonial. I cannot recommend you highly enough. Very best wishes” June Russell*

"I travelled from Jersey and have been brilliant since my 3 day alcohol and the stop smoking treatment. I have not smoked or drank since the treatment which is fantastic. I have to admit to being nervous about the treatment beforehand in case it did not work as it is not cheap. However, my doubts were unfounded. I could not believe the difference especially after the smoking session. I was chain smoking beforehand and came out without a single craving! It really did feel like a miracle and I am so happy to have my life back - and my sanity. it has not only "cured" me of the physical addiction but has broken the emotional need too. I am back in control and I'm a new woman, so thank you". Karen B.*

"6 months after visiting the clinic now, since then not a single smoke and a London Marathon Finishers Medal. Thanks Again!". I.R.*

"I came in for the treatment at the Manchester clinic on Saturday 20th October 07 in all fairness was a little sceptical, I had been smoking since I was 16 for 10 years and smoked at least 20 a day and up to 50 on a night out. I had come to the conclusion that I was sick to the back teeth of being addicted to a substance and relying on it so heavily to feel ‘normal' it affected my each situation, plane flights were a nightmare and hangovers were the worst as even when I was feeling terrible I would still reach for a fag. After reading other client testimonials I was intrigued to see if this worked, I had attempted to give up before but usually failed in the first 12 hours. I was welcomed in to the clinic, explained the procedure and sat in the most comfortable chair while the treatment worked it's magic - I must say that this is nothing short of a miracle and surprisingly effective, it's now been 9 months since I had my last cigarette on the morning of the treatment before the drive to Manchester, I have not gained any weight but lost it and I feel amazing – thank you it was one of the best decisions that I've taken and is highly recommended if you want to give up cigarettes for good and painlessly". Georgina Kanas*

"Brilliant!! Haven't wanted a cigarette in 4 weeks now. No desire or cravings just not interested. I was also treated for drinking excessive amounts of diet coke a day at the same time and I am happy to report I now can now live without my 8-10 cans of coke a day too. Very happy with the results". Mrs F Griffiths*

"I visited the clinic over a year ago on 4th February 2007 after having smoked for 26 years up to 30 a day. I had read the web page and many people like myself had previously tried patches, hypnotherapy, Zyban, inhalers etc sometimes twice. I had my one hour treatment and left the clinic, got in my car and did not have the urge to have a cigarette. Previously if I was in a non-smoking environment the first thing I would have done is light up. I drove about in my car for a few weeks with my cigarettes in the car and never had the urge to smoke at all. One year and two days later I have returned with my daughter for her treatment. I have never smoked since that day a year ago and know I never will. I recommend this to anybody that has failed using other methods". Caron McTeer*

"The stop smoking treatment is so good you won't believe it when you finally give up. I smoked for over 20 years and tried everything on the market. Twelve months after my treatment and I am so happy that I don't smoke anymore. It really does work!". Ms D. Worsley*

"My son encouraged me to attend the clinic with him. Having made several attempts over the past 40 years to give up smoking 20 cigs a day, I was sceptical that the treatment would work. My fears were unfounded. It has given me a new lease of life. I feel 100% better, I sleep better, everybody says I look better (younger!) and I have absolutely no desire to smoke ever again. My son has had the same degree of success. We are both overwhelmed that such a simple procedure can have such a positive and instantaneous result. We can thoroughly recommend the clinic". Marianne & Alex Neale*

"Like so many people, I thought that I could decide when to stop drinking and smoking. I wasted so much time failing, I then admitted to myself that I needed help and contacted the clinic. A month has passed since my one alcohol treatment and my only disappointment is that I waited so long before having treatment. Feeling confident I booked in for a smoking treatment two weeks later and have stopped smoking as well, again I am delighted. Now when I shop it does not occur to me to buy bottles of wine, patches or cigarettes. Outings to the pub with family and friends are not a problem either. I enjoy mineral water with ice and lemon, knowing it is calorie free and healthy, after all I have a lot of detoxing to do after abusing my body for so many years. The treatment itself is very relaxing and the practitioners are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and caring. What are you waiting for?". Mrs T. A.*

"I had a one-hour session a year ago and have not smoked since. Like most people, I'd tried to quit before but the physical cravings always got me smoking again. This treatment completely takes them away – I needed some willpower for the psychological side of quitting but if you're determined this REALLY helps you to stop. Now I've got my fitness back and money in my pocket. I'd smoked for 16 years and wish I'd heard about this ages ago. Give it a go!". Mr S.G.*

"At 66 years old and having smoked cigarettes for 30 years and cigars for 10 years (5 castella panatellas a day) I felt that I had survived without contracting a serious illness. Having given the matter serious thought I wanted to quit before any damage to my health. I tried and tried every known treatment with varying success but always reverted to the cigars. Since the treatment I have gone a whole month and have now thankfully no desire to smoke again and as a bonus feel a lot better". Mr R. D. C*

"My partner and I attended the clinic on 24th April 08. We were both heavy smokers and desperately wanted to stop. I was a bit nervous but my partner was very sceptical. I would not say that this is a miracle cure because I still needed some willpower but if you can get through the first couple of days, it's almost as if you forget you ever smoked. We've both tried patches, zyban, hypnosis etc. We both wish that we had tried this treatment years ago". Karen C*

"Hi there, you asked me to let you know how I had got on since my session last Monday. Well, whilst not wanting to tempt fate it has been fine so far. I haven't had any desire to smoke since I left your clinic, despite a husband who smokes, and a wedding reception. A silly thought I know, but so far, this seems too easy!". Mrs Yvonne F.*

“Travelled all the way from Glasgow in July 07 after being in poor health, I smoked 30 a day for 28yrs, after treatment and a top up before heading back to Glasgow, I haven't smoked yet and never gasped for a fag since treatment, it really does work!”. Ken Rossco*

"I had treatment on 9th Jan 07 and I thought it would not work but I now don't smoke and know I will never smoke again, I smell fantastic and hate the smell of stale smoke and second hand smoke. Thank you for my new lease of life". Di Mathers*

"Nothing short of a miracle! You DO NOT experience any 'cold turkey'! I hate the smell of smoke now and I can smell a smoker a mile away! I haven't put on weight or started eating tremendous amounts, because I haven't had any side effects or withdrawal symptoms. I have smoked for just under 30 years too. Can't thank you enough". Kyla Ankers*

"Visited the clinic nearly six months ago with a desire to stop smoking and honestly I had had enough of using and failing with willpower. I have not wanted a single cigarette since - even on drunken nights out with smoking friends. I have given your details to dozens of friends and clients and will continue to do so. Absolutely amazing and thank you again!". IR*

"Had the treatment done on the 21st April 07 & have not had one fag since , I wish I'd known about this years ago". Sue White*

"Dear all, I would like to say a massive thank you, for all your help in stopping smoking, it has changed my life and I feel like a new person. Thanks again". Richard Power*

"Hi, had your treatment and it was fantastic. You stopped me smoking and I was a very heavy smoker. In the current climate against smoking, you've given me my life back. I watch my mates shivering in the cold and wet, and smugly think....It was never going to be ME! Thanks for the vehicle to make it happen". Tony Elwiss*

"After trying everything to quit including the new pill champix which made me ill and unable to cope I turned to the clinic for help. I was smoking 20 a day and more when out drinking but since the treatment I've stopped completely. This treatment does exactly what it says on the tin! Thanks once again. Steve Taylor*

"I visited Manchester in Feb 2007, very sceptical as have tried EVERYTHING to stop smoking. I have smoked 20+ for 26 years. After treatment I got into the car and looked at cigs on dash board and didn't even want one. We stopped for our dinner on the way home to Cumbria and on leaving the restaurant people were smoking outside, I hadn't even thought about it till I went past them. I carried my cigs in car for a week and then gave them away. I cannot imagine ever putting a cigarette in my mouth again. Thank you so much". Caron*

"Hi, about 9 months ago I had the treatment for the stop smoking, it worked brilliantly and I have never smoked since that day, so thank you. My friend is very keen to have the same done, when can she book an appointment". LA*

"Please could you send me some business cards for me to hand out to my dental patients. I have just had someone in that I believed would never give up smoking and after 1 of your treatments she feels that she has cracked it". Mrs JB*

"Even though I had committed to paying for the treatment I was still extremely sceptical but I knew I had to try it to see if it worked, I am so glad I did! Since my treatment in November 2004 I have not felt the urge to smoke once. The treatment completely eliminated the nicotine from my body and thus I no longer have a habit. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I feel I have re-gained my freedom. Dirty, smelly cigarettes no longer control my life. p.s. my kids are delighted too!". Victoria White*

"I absolutely loved my ciggies... 1 for breakfast on the way to work, a couple before teaching my first lesson for the day & a couple more after teaching said lesson etc. Couldn't bear to be separated from my cigs & being out in the pub was worse!! So why give up? the main reason why I had to give up was due to cost, £200 a month on the weed & considering the weather this year (I'm a flight Instructor), the money just wasn't there. In the past I've tried, patches - good initially but doesn't help after a couple of weeks, plastic cig - gave me a sore throat, gum - disgusting (like eating an ashtray- yes I have tried actually). The trouble with these NRT type aids is that it's merely a substitute - no use to me!! If you want a solution that doesn't give you cravings, doesn't require willpower and will have you on the road to success within the hour (and you've got £300 to spend) then go to the clinic. I too was sceptical but this method works for me. I still can't believe it - after an hour of being connected up to a machine, I could feel the addictiveness disappearing from me! I really don't want a ciggie!! Good luck to the rest of you all trying to kick the habit - I did it in an hour". Prospin*

"I've been a smoker for 36 years and thought it would be the death of me. I've tried several times to give up but with the willpower of a flea its all been to no avail. I've always been a bit of a sceptic about new treatments but this really works, its weird how but it does. Its been 10 weeks now and I've not had one craving, just the memory of the habit but with each day it gets less". Mary Mullen*

"I'm happy to report that it worked and that I haven't had a smoke in over 11 months. Thanks for giving me my life back". Scott*

“I received the treatment one month ago and I have not touched a cigarette since nor have I felt any cravings. In addition, I HAVE NOT PUT ANY WEIGHT ON during this period (in fact I lost some!). This treatment is really effective and keeping off cigarettes is almost effortless. Thank you”. Regina W.*

"Certainly the easiest method of stopping smoking that I have found & I have recommended the method to friends. I don't feel the necessity to eat continually and I am not gaining weight (as I have done previously)". Doreen Smith*

"I had my treatment in February 2007 and after smoking for 27 years at least 20 a day I thought I would give it a go as I have tried almost everything else to give up smoking without any success. I was very sceptical before and even immediately after the treatment, I could not believe it could and would be so easy. But I can honestly say I have not wanted a cigarette since. I know it is still early days but I feel very confident that my smoking days are over". Alison Burnell*

"My family paid for the nicotine addiction therapy at the clinic in order to persuade me to stop smoking, this was given to me at Christmas 2005. I had been a smoker for 35 years and was smoking 40 a day, when I went for treatment I had no interest in giving up. In January 2006 I decided to go for the treatment since it had been paid for and I had nothing to lose. I still had no intention of stopping but I followed the instructions given by the clinic and the treatment lasted for 1 hour. I arrived back home and put my cigarettes and lighter aside. 24 hours later I was standing in our local pub with friends who were smoking and at no time did I have the inclination to have a cigarette. At no time on the last 15 months since I stopped smoking have I ever had a desire to light a cigarette, my final packet of cigarettes and lighter remain in the house to this day". D McMillian*

"I didn't really want to give up smoking at the time of the treatment but my two young children had begged me! I have never had any willpower and wanted something that would stop me smoking without any effort on my part. I have smoked for 25 years and was up to 30 a day. Once I left the clinic I was amazed that even though there was the tiny thought that I usually had a cig I didn't want one. I have had no cravings since my treatment and class myself as a non-smoker. In fact I actually feel as if I never smoked at all!! Although there was initially the thought to have one as soon as it entered my head it was gone. There has been no panic or severe panic of not having a cig that I've had when I've tried conventional methods of giving up. Thank you so much!!!!". Janet C*

"Hi, just wanted to update you on my situation after having the treatment. I saw you in May 2006 wanting to stop smoking. If I'm honest I don't think deep down I wanted to stop but with pressure from the husband and my children I thought I'd try this treatment. I had tried lots of other ways including patches and hypnotherapy but they didn't work. I did update you approx one month after my treatment and I'm happy to say I'm still a non-smoker and have been for 1 year 3 months! No one believed me at first about this therapy but now I know a number of people who have had this treatment at your clinic, because it worked for me! Just wanted to say thank you again. Lyn Brittles*

“Received treatment 13th May 2007, I have been a smoker for 36 years and had a few attempts before to try and stop. This has been the most successful method I have tried. You still need a certain amount of willpower to address the habit of smoking but I can honestly say the craving just wasn't there. My husband also had the treatment and hasn't had a cigarette either!! We're FREE”. Jane Rose*

Just to say thanks for your treatment, I have been smoking for over 40years and smoking 20+ a day, after just one treatment have not craved for a cigarette since and i am amazed at how much better I feel, many thanks”. Bob Hunter*

"Just thought I would let you know, I came for treatment to stop smoking to the Manchester clinic on the 18 th March 2006 , its now 21 st March 2007 and I have not had a cigarette in all that time despite my husband smoking! I can not say I have not had the urge for one but I can put it out of my head as quickly as it popped in. A very big thank you for all your help". Kath Storey*

"I attended the Manchester clinic with my friend and were a bit sceptical to say the least. However, after just one session, neither of us has wanted to smoke or had any cravings. Many thanks from two former 30 a day ladies". Pauline Rees & Marion Powell*

"I had been smoking from the age of 13, 21 years craving for the white cancer sticks which caused me a lot of health problems, yes I tried everything to stop smoking NOTHING helped, then I found the clinic at work, yes I was sceptical like most people, but thought give it ago as nothing else has worked so I did 2 weeks ago I had the treatment and yes I haven't had a cig since, my health has much improved, my sense of taste & smell are back to normal, the only problem I have is the mental habit side of it, but that's easy enough to cope with once again a big thanks you". Lianne Darbyshire*

"The treatment worked for me. I have not smoked for 6 months and my wife is in the treatment room today. We are so pleased with it we have travelled from Guernsey ". Kevin Bremaut.*

"Thank you for the kind support, I am now a non smoker after 20 years of smoking 30 cigarettes a day, my kids are so happy". Tina Marshalle*

"Thirteen weeks since I had the treatment and can honestly say it's the best thing I have ever done in my life. After smoking for over 30 years I never thought I'd do it but I have and had no problems whatsoever, in fact I can't stand the smell of smoke now. I had the treatment after a friend recommended it she did it 12 months ago and is still not smoking! It's an amazing treatment which I have recommended to family and friends and would highly recommend it to anyone". V Tinker*

"I have posted here before after my treatment on the 9th July 2006. Having smoked for 25 years and tried everything to give up, I went to the clinic. It's now 2nd December 2006 and I have not touched one since. I can't believe I am about to spend Christmas with my family as an ex-smoker. I would love to give out my telephone number to people who think this is some kind of trick or joke, but it is not. Thank you". Mark Fitzpatrick.*

"Having smoked for 20+ years I was a little apprehensive prior to my visit. Once at the clinic I was made to feel relaxed and was given full explanation of the treatment, which was highly successful and I haven't smoked since. I feel healthier and have saved money in the process". William Goldsmith.*

"I just wanted to give you some feedback. I came to see you and haven't smoked since! I haven't even wanted a cigarette - just had the occasional habitual, mental 'twitch' to reach for one, but that was easy to resist. Your treatment really has changed my life for the better! I would recommend the clinic to anyone". Kay Gill*

"I was quite dubious about travelling over 200 miles from London but decided to give it a try. Part of my occupation is a KJ (Karaoke DJ) and I spend 3 to 4 nights in pubs & clubs. I had smoked for 31 years from the age of 13. On the day of my treatment I had worked the previous night in a local pub and got to bed about 1am. By 12 noon the following day I had done my treatment at the clinic and was a non-smoker. I worked that same evening in a pub but it didn't then or now bother me if anybody else is smoking. The treatment certainly works and is a must for anyone wishing to to give up with no side effects, cravings or pains. I am writing this almost 9 months later as my girlfriends sits in the same chair I sat in! Well done". Wayne Le Fleur*

"Hi Guys, I came to see you for the treatment to stop smoking. On the day I was a bit jet lagged from my holiday still so I was completely knackered and slept the rest of the day wasn't conscious to notice any effect! I felt more of the benefits on the Saturday when I woke up for the first time since I can remember, without wanting a cigarette. I'm out socializing and where I used to look at other people smoking longingly they actually look strange which is a first for me. It stinks as well! I do think the psychological factor has a lot to do with it however not having any physical desire helps the process along just great. Many thanks for your help, I have of course recommended the treatment to a number of colleagues". Sarah Lambert*

"Hi, would just like to say after having the treatment from you guys I haven't had a cigarette since 4th May, can't believe it, I still have a little craving every now and again, but I'm guessing that will wear off, once again many thanks. Quality treatment". Mark Vento*

"After 30 years of being a committed heavy smoker 40+ a day but also after 20 years of trying every conceivable treatment to stop smoking (including hypnosis, Allen Carr, Acupuncture etc) it was with scepticism that I tried the treatment offered by the clinic. I arrived on Sunday and although the staff and premises met with approval on the professional level, I doubted very much that the process I underwent would have any effect on my desire to smoke as nothing either physical or cerebral seemed to happen during the treatment. I had the thought I would smoke almost as soon as I left the premises but I just couldn't or rather didn't want to. I was proven wrong!! The treatment worked, it is painless and effortless. I would thoroughly recommend it anyone whether a 'hopeless case' like me or someone who wants to stop without the horrible withdrawal symptoms of the other methods". Peter Hogg*

"Hi all, Lyn Brittles here. Just wanted to update you on my progress with the not smoking. I am doing really well. I still find it a bit difficult at times but as you said I think it is more psychological than anything else! I now can say after 26 years as a smoker I am now a non smoker! I have recommended your clinic to lot's of my friends and a couple of people who are interested in the treatment,one being my doctor who I am under at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. I am also going to see my GP this week so am going to give him all the info I have. This treatment should be available on the NHS! Anyway will give it another week or so till I am 1 month smoke free then I will add to your customer satisfaction list! But up until now I am very very happy that I have had the treatment and even more happier that it works! Will contact you in a week or so. Bye for now,Lyn Brittles. PS. would like to thank Anthony too, he made me feel at ease during my treatment. He was very helpful and nice!". Lyn Brittles*

"I went to the clinic on 9th July 2006 for my treatment for giving up on the cigarettes I had smoked for nearly 25 years. Without a word of a lie, I left the clinic that day and have not touched them since. Like everyone else that's tried various ways to kick them, give this treatment a go it really does work". Mark Fitzpatrick*

"I was a smoker for 15 years and thought I would remain a smoker for the rest of my life as I had tried every method to quit to no avail. I used patches, gum, and pure willpower all of which failed. I was fed up of smoking and miserable because I couldn't find the willpower to quit. I turned to the internet to see what help was out there and it was then I found the clinic. Having read about the treatment and the comments from patients, I thought it was a hoax. How could it be so simple to quit, and why have I never heard about this? I phoned and spoke to them who reassured me it would work, and it did. I have been a non-smoker for months now and can honestly say I could never imagine lighting up another cigarette for as long as I live. I am healthier and happier, as are my family". Bernadette Thomas*

"I was a 40 to 50 a day heavy smoker and have tried every treatment available and never had any success. I heard about the clinic and did some investigation and thought why not give it a try, even though I was highly sceptical of the chance of success I was being nagged by my pregnant partner to give up so I booked an appointment. When I turned up at the clinic I was really, really craving for a ciggie, I was still highly sceptical but I'm here now so give it a go. I felt the cravings going during the treatment and during the following week I went down to 6 a day!! (I didn't even smoke full ciggies, just couldn't face them). I'm now back for my top-up treatment and I'm fully confident that I have smoked my last ever ciggie this morning. I have felt better this week already, not coughing or wheezing as much and can even taste certain foods properly. I am the most hard to convince person in the world and was a heavy smoker to boot, now I'm fully convinced and a non-smoker!!". DT*

"I smoked 40 a day for 30 years, after 1 treatment I have stopped. I would recommend this treatment to every smoker, must thank you for a better life". Brian Price*

"I have tried every other method to stop smoking so I gave this a go not thinking it would work. How wrong I was. I stopped straight away. Well worth the money". Bev Billinge*

"One treatment and still not smoking! Never imagined it would work, only went cos the wife nagged me to go. In the past I had tried everything, patches, needles and Zyban. Now I don't even like to go to the pub cos the smoke smells so bad!! If you are thinking of giving it a go, you must, it works. Thanks". Duncan Nicholls*

"I smoked from around 15yrs old, that's 24yrs of smoking I've put myself through. I was always a fit person and knew it wasn't for me, to cut a long story short, I always wanted to give up, having tried almost everything, from cold turkey, hypnosis, patches, chewing gum, zyban, acupuncture, some things better than others but all a bit like backing a three legged horse. Then a friend mentioned the clinic, being only slightly sceptical, i thought I've nothing to loose, but really everything to gain, I booked the one hour session, and a flight over and have not looked back, I can honestly say with this treatment it's easy, I've only had three cravings since, lasting only a minute or so. When you consider how much I spent over 24yrs of smoking, this treatment is like loose change, why wait you're only denying yourself, more to the point killing yourself and others". D Teather * "I was very sceptical about the treatment but both my husband and I had the treatment done together, so we could help each other through the bad times of quitting. I was amazed at how it worked. There were no 'bad times' neither one of use needed or wanted another cigarette, in fact now if we are sitting with other smokers the smell actually repulses us. I don't know or can explain how the treatment works, all I can say is I haven't touched or felt like I needed a cigarette since my treatment. We have sent 7 other people to have this treatment and none of them have smoked since". Mr & Mrs Taylor*

"My wife and I came as we both were regular smokers. My wife smoked 10 to 15 a day and I was 20 to 30 a day. I had a medical condition (heart) and I needed to stop. After the first one hour session my wife has stopped completely and I have dropped to just a couple of cigarettes each day which in itself is very good. I now expect to be able to stop completely after the second session. I would recommend this treatment to 'everyone' as I have smoked for over 40 years". Gordon Hepburn*

"A very valuable service. I could not have given up smoking without this. I tried some time ago and was so irritable that my children pleaded with me to start again which I did. After over 30 years smoking over 30 a day this was like a miracle. I needed two treatments because I could not resist testing it as I was sceptical. I was surprised that on smoking there was no satisfaction as previously and it was like breathing air, then of course the nicotine back into my system but only smoked 17 in a week. Now I know I won't start again and I feel so much better. Many thanks". Janet R*

"I was smoking 15 to 20 cigs a day and I had been smoking for 21 years. I tried everything to give up smoking, I tried Gum, Patches, Willpower and many other methods but nothing worked. I had a one hour treatment with the clinic and stopped smoking straight away. All the cravings have gone and I don't even feel that I have ever smoked. I feel my health is improving and it's all thanks to a one hour treatment'. Ram Parkash*

"It has changed my life really, I am no longer a slave to cigarettes. I don't panic over having to go to the shops to buy them, my clothes and hair no longer smell of tobacco, which I never realised they did until I stopped smoking. I would recommend it to anyone". Sheila Lambert*

"Just want to say a great thank you, I came for my treatment and I haven't smoked since. I am so proud of myself too because I have had some days that have been really stressful, but with no cravings. I've also given your details to a large number of people to. Thanks again". Sue Horn*

"Being a smoker for 35 years I had the treatment and hardly think about smoking now, I never thought it would be that easy. I was a 20 a day smoker and it ruled my whole life, everything I did revolved around smoking. The treatment was brilliant, totally painless and very effective. I would recommend it to anyone to kick the habit". Julie Wrathall*

"I have to admit to some initial scepticism regarding this treatment, encouraged by friends I agreed to join them in our bid to stop smoking. How pleased I am that I did. I and my friends, six of us, have not had a cigarette, this treatment has worked for me and has been painless. Cath H*

"I was a smoker of 40 a day and had been for a number of years. I had one treatment and the addiction had gone. My family could not believe it, as I had tried other ways to stop before but this does work without the cravings". Irene Scott*

"Being a smoker for nearly 35 years on 30 a day I have tried to pack in smoking using patches, gum and hypnosis without any success. I had one treatment at the clinic and the cravings have gone. I cannot believe it, it really is amazing. Friends and family cannot believe the change in me this time as in the past I have been so bad tempered when I have tried to pack in, I even went to a party with people smoking around me and never felt the craving to have one". A Thompson*

"I attended the clinic over 5 months ago and was very sceptical as I have tried hypnotherapy, Alan Carr, willpower & NRT and felt I had to give this treatment a try. Amazing... I have had no cravings and not had a cigarette for over 4 months and I live with a smoker! I would thoroughly recommend this treatment and wish this had been around 20 years ago" Christine Gibbons*

"Its been a few weeks since I had the treatment done to stop smoking, I've been to the pub a few times where there's been a lot of smokers and it hasn't bothered me at all, even someone blowing smoke in my face. Since packing in smoking I've felt a lot fitter and healthier for someone who's smoked 30 a day for 40 years" John Dolan*

'My name is Benjamin I am twenty seven years old and have smoked cannabis for nearly eleven years. It was a big part of my life and social life. My work colleagues smoked and my friends too. Because of my work colleagues smoking it, I thought I would never be able to stop but I have. This is my fourth week not smoking and to be honest it is easier then what I thought. The treatment was and is the best treatment for me. You need to be in the right frame of mind to stop and if you are this treatment makes it so easy to achieve and I will never look back. Thanks to all the staff'. Benjamin S*

"I have been using cannabis for over 20 years and I have tried to stop many times but failed due to the cravings of the tobacco and weed combination. After the treatment I have not even craved it anymore, I feel so much better and I am looking forward to having an enjoyable drug free life. Thank god for this treatment". M.P.*

"Thanks to the clinic myself and my wife don't smoke cannabis anymore, I have been smoking it for over 15 years and tried everything to stop and was tired of been stoned all the time. I tried zyban but it didn't work, patches and gum, nothing was going to make me stop until now. We drove over 5 hours to get this treatment and its well worth it, now we can live a normal life and save money, thanks". Paul Smith*

"I use to smoke about £40.00 worth of cannabis a day, but after this treatment I don't want any" P Preston*

"I've been smoking weed for more years than care to remember plus about 25 cigarettes a day and thought it was time to do something about cleaning up my act. The treatment worked for me and I haven't smoked for over 3 months now". KD*

"This treatment is well worth the money, stopped smoking straight away, no fuss or cravings, go for it". Clive Thompson*

"Having smoked the dreaded weed for over 8 years I wanted to stop for health reasons and this treatment worked a treat. If you have have enough of smoking this treatment really works". K Scott*