Does this treatment really work?
*Yes. We have treated over 5,000 smokers in the last 12 years. Our e-treatment works quickly, if you attend your appointment with a strong craving to smoke, it is usually gone within the hour or shortly afterwards. No other treatment helps stop the cravings to smoke so quickly and hence why so many people stop smoking using our treatment methods.

Are your testimonials genuine?
Yes. We have far more client testimonials than any other stop smoking treatment service or method. Our genuine and comprehensive customer comments are provided months and even years after treatment and confirm how effective the treatment is. We have the original copies available which prove this treatment and its results. All our client testimonials have been verified by independent solicitors. Click here to read solicitor's confirmation.

Is your method better than other smoking cessation methods?
*Yes, as it neutralises the nicotine which helps stop the cravings to smoke and detox the body of nicotine. Other products like NRT actually put fresh nicotine into the body and rarely work as the individual is still nicotine dependent. NHS/GP's normally provide drug-based treatments (NRT) such as Patches (6%) Zyban (18%) and Champix (20%) even though they have some of the lowest success rates out of any of the smoking cessation methods. They have been critised by many stating ‘current NRT treatment methods simply do not work and are not value for money' and “NRT products are obviously unfit for the purpose for which they are sold' - Professor Michael Siegel.

What help is available from the NHS?
A spokesman for the Department of Health said: 'Smokers that attempt to quit without assistance are significantly less likely to quit successfully than those who quit with support. The unsupported quit rate is around 3 per cent, this is doubled (6%) when a smoker uses stop smoking medicines, and quadrupled (12%) when a smoker uses the NHS Stop Smoking Services. Success for NHS smoking services is only measured by the 'number of patients they have seen' but not on whether they have stopped smoking. The NHS were dealt an embarrassing blow when a study published in the Lancet confirmed simple text messages were more successful at 10.7% than nicotine replacement therapy at 6% in help people stop smoking however NRT products cost the tax-payer £61million per annum.

How successful are NRT products?
The progress on reducing smoking has stalled as the long term success of NRT products is just 1.6% as all NRT products such as patches, gum, lozenges and zyban still deliver nicotine into the body, as soon as use of the product is stopped, the cravings for nicotine return and so people start smoking again. Other studies suggest willpower alone is better than NHS and NRT products. Professor Michael Siegel added 'with a long-term smoking cessation percentage of only 1.6%, one can hardly call NRT treatment an 'effective' intervention. In fact, the logical conclusion is that NRT is a dismal intervention and a waste of tax payers money'.

Why have I only just heard about this method?
If you have only just started looking for the best ways to stop smoking then that would explain why you have just become aware of us. Had you been looking for the last 12 years, you would be aware of our services and our very successful stop smoking treatment.

How many treatments would I need?
Clients smoking in the region of 40+ per day are more likely to require the free second treatment within 30 days.

How does dealing with the physical desire help?
Smoking is caused by the 'feeling' that you want/need a cigarette, if you don't have any cigarettes you will go and buy some, so the physical need motivates your actions. *Once the physical desire has gone/diminished there is no urge to smoke and so it is much easier to break the cycle and stop smoking. Helping with the physical desire is the key to stopping smoking quickly.

What about the psychological side?
We have found over the last 11 years most clients do not have problems psychologically [although individual experiences may vary] but generally speaking once the physical urge to smoke has gone clients move on mentally very quickly. After all, mentally you want to stop smoking but it's the physical cravings which stop you. Once the physical craving has gone you can achieve your psychological goal much easier.

Is this treatment safe?
Yes this treatment is very safe and there are usually no side-effects or discomfort, although individual experiences may vary. Frequency based treatments have been used in healthcare since the 1970's with no reported incidents.

What preparation is required?
Very little. You do not require days of preparation, simply continue to smoke as normal until your appointment, only smoke one brand of cigarette for at least 3 days before your appointment and stop all nicotine gum, sprays, lozengers and patches. Please try to avoid caffeine & alcohol for 12 hours before your treatment and 24 hours after treatment. After treatment it helps to drink plenty of water (up to 2 litres) to aid the detox process. *If you want to feel the instant effects of the treatment please attend your appointment with a strong craving to smoke which you can feel begin to die down and/or stop during treatment. No additional supplements are required or needed.

What happens over the next 24 hours after treatment?
After the initial treatment clients do not normally experience any further desire to smoke as the treatment continues to work away. If clients have not smoked and have no desire to smoke during this period, they are usually fine going forwards as most smokers agree the first 24 hours are the most difficult to overcome. We find that if a client does require a top up session over the next 30 days, it is usually because of a 'slip-up' rather than an overwhelming desire to smoke.

Why do you have much higher success rates than other stop smoking clinics?
Because we use a high-tech e-treatments and unique formulas which are not available elsewhere. *We are the UK's leading stop smoking clinic and have treated thousands of clients in the last 11 years without the use of hypnosis, lasers or nutritional supplements. We are the only clinic to develop frequency based technology to detoxify alcohol & drug dependency and therefore achieve much better smoking results.

What does this treatment actually do?
*Our nicotine detox treatment helps to stop the physical 'cravings, need or desire' for a specific substance, i.e. nicotine, by neutralising the substance itself, after treatment the nicotine is no longer active and so the body doesn't need it any more. Depending on how many cigarettes are consumed each day, will determine how many hours of treatment are required to remove it completely. This helps the individual to break the cycle and stop smoking.

How quickly does this treatment work?
We ask clients to attend their appointment with a strong craving to smoke. *Whilst undergoing the treatment session the individual can feel their cravings begin to subside and by the end of the treatment session they have usually gone or shortly afterwards. There is no better proof than wanting to smoke before the appointment and not wanting a cigarette after the appointment.

How does it work so quickly?
Our treatment is based on physics rather than chemistry and works quickly to neutralise or erase the nicotine in the body, so the body does not crave it any more. The body has a natural detox cycle to clear unwanted toxins, once the individual has stopped smoking, the body will naturally detox of nicotine and so the individual will have no desire for that substance.

Do I have to take any other medication?
No. But we provide optional non-medicated tablets charged with the treatment patterns to help maintain the effects of the treatment. They have no side effects and some clients use them for 2 or 3 days then stop as they are no longer required.

How was this treatment developed?
Our nicotine detox treatment represent the biggest breakthrough in addiction therapy in the last 70 years. The basis of bio-signals is not new and was developed in Germany in 1977. *By using the correct e-signals in the right order it is possible to remove a substance (nicotine) completely and help stop the body's dependency for it. Over the last 11 years we have treated thousands of clients to either, stop smoking, stop drinking or stop using drugs, so the treatment is well established, proven and tested.

How does it work?
Any clinical scientist will tell you, laboratory results will only stand up when the treatment is used in the real world. Medication (chemistry) targets cells to evoke change in the patients' condition however it is no secret that over 110% of ALL drugs only work for 30% to 50% of the people using them due to the fact drugs are 'tested' in highly artificial and controlled conditions and patients genes which interfere 'in some way' with the medicine. E-signals do not rely on genetics as they target a specific substance(s) rather than an individual's cells and so produces much higher response rates. It is well established in physics that everything has its own frequency range including: living creatures, organs, plants and disease even substances like nicotine, alcohol or drugs have their own frequency range. *Our treatment works similar to how a radio picks up a frequency broadcast from hundreds of miles away, the body picks up the treatment e-signals via the main acupuncture points on the wrists (no needles are used during this treatment) to successfully cancel/erase the effects of nicotine throughout the entire body and help stimulate the production of endorphins so withdrawal symptoms are greatly reduced. It is safe, painless and very successful. Click here for further details.

Are there any side-effects?
Not usually as no medication is involved however individual experiences may vary as with any treatment method. The most likely side-effect is mild dehydration due to the detox process however to combat this we ask clients to drink more water than normal post treatment.

Do you need to use a laser & hypnosis as well?
No, our treatment is very successful without their use.

What about the habit?
A lot of smokers are concerned about the 'habit' of smoking and how they will cope. Our clients find that after treatment the cycle of smoking has been broken and the physical action of smoking 'habit' is no longer required and stops soon after. Please read our client comments, which confirm the habit is not an issue or something to worry about for most people.

How do I know this treatment may help?
*It works for nearly everyone depending upon him or her, actually wanting to stop smoking and following the treatment program & instructions as full client commitment is essential for the best results. This treatment is not suitable for people who have mental health issues, expect to be cured or are unable to follow simple instructions.

I 'm a bit sceptical?
This is normal as some individuals are either sceptical or apprehensive about any treatment process they undergo and hope it will be the same for them. Many of our clients come through referrals, so please do not let your initial scepticism stop you from using this treatment to stop smoking.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
We do not offer a money back guarantee for a very good reason, if the individual has nothing invested in the treatment process there is no reason not to restart smoking and claim a refund however at this point the individual is still smoking. We find that if the individual makes a financial commitment they are less likely to restart on a 'whim' and therefore remain a non-smoker. No addiction treatment facility is able to offer a guarantee as any treatment carries an element of risk and individual responsibilities and experiences may vary.

Does this treatment imply I will never smoke again?
No. This treatment helps stop the current use of cigarettes to help the individual to stop smoking now. The long-term success of any treatment is the responsibility of the individual and not a third party.

How many treatments sessions may I need?
*Most people only need 1 treatment and we provide a second treatment if required, free of charge, within 30 days.

Outcomes and Results
It is a simple fact, we have better results and more client feedback than any other stop smoking service in the UK.

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**Clients smoking more than 40+ per day may need more than two treatments. Percentages are compiled using the same standard as the NHS to monitor smoking cessation results and full client commitment is essential for the best results.